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Peru Leisure Travel is a travel agency and tour operator in Peru, a platform with years of experience in the tourism market, organizing Cultural, Ecological, Adventure Tourism trips and more. We specialize in providing authentic experiences and generating unique emotions during your visit to Peru and its wonderful regions.

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In 2020, our NGO was born, with the main mission of turning tourism into a development and support tool for local communities involved in our operations. Through this initiative, we are revaluing textile art crafts, recovering the identity of peoples, allowing them an active participation in our programs offered to our passengers. PLT Angels collaborates and collects donations, contributions towards various inclusive tourism projects.

Our first project!

The community of San Isidro de Ttio, has been part of the data collection and receiving education, taking successful action models in other communities that have been successfully inserted into the tourism industry and giving them
little by little independence in its economic administration and attention flows.

PLT ANGELS aims to allow San Isidro de Ttio women and men to find additional income using their ancestral knowledge that they believed to be extinct. Taking advantage of the tourist route to the Waqrapukara fortress,
we hope to turn this community into a mandatory stop in its textile interpretation center, and a tourist center in the South corridor.

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