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Reservations must be made well in advance, it is recommended that they be made at least 30 days in advance of the day of your arrival. In this way it will be possible to reserve the trips, hotels and services that will be necessary for you to have a pleasant stay in our Country. Only reservations that have been made in writing and / or through our website will be accepted.


Your reservation will be confirmed after receiving a minimum deposit (50%) of the total amount per person. The amount owed must be paid 7 days before your arrival or according to a specific agreement with our agents.

Reservations made after the deadline will have to be subject to change under strict instructions from the agent.

Reservations made online, with payments on our website, are subject to adding commissions of the issuing and receiving bank, depending on the chosen medium.

Reservations via online PAYPAL or CREDIT CARDS are secure.

Payment methods

A- Bank Transfer INTERBANK Bank.
Bank of Credit of Peru.

B- Payment by Wester Union
With the Wester Union service, you can send and receive money quickly between any agent or offices around the world. Be sure to request the Send Money form, send money in US dollars.
for C- Payment by PAYPAL Through this means of payment, you can cancel or make payments to our travel agency safely and without much expense in commissions and others.


All rates are expressed in US dollars and are subject to change without prior notice, except for those that have already been paid, the initial agreed price is maintained.

The rate is per person.


The non-presentation of the passenger (s) will result in the total loss of the contracted service without the right to any refund.

Likewise, the cancellation or withdrawal of the services contracted during the trip will not have the right to any refund.

Some services may be interrupted or canceled due to weather or air conditions. In this case, no refund will be granted as a result of these interruptions or cancellations beyond our control.


- PERU LEISURE TRAVEL E.I.R.L is not responsible if the client does not comply with the indications made by the TC, or leaves the group and decides to walk on their own.

- PERU LEISURE TRAVEL E.I.R.L reserves the right to make reasonable changes or substitutions in the itineraries when it is considered necessary or mandatory. Luggage will always travel under the care and responsibility of its owner. No money will be refunded for unused services such as hotel nights, meals, trips, tours, etc. and that have been previously reserved.

- PERU LEISURE TRAVEL E.I.R.L does not assume any responsibility for passengers who arrive late or do not show up.